Swim Meets

14 Nov 2021 Club is targeting the WOW Lake Swim


28 Nov 2021 Club is targeting the Curtin University Victoria Park Spring into Summer Carnival.

12 Dec 2021 Club is targeting the 2021 Mandurah LC Challenge.

17 Dec 2021 Club is targeting the 2021 Hancock Prospecting WA State Championships.


23 Jan 2022 Club is targeting the SSPW Long Course Meet.

2nd Feb Club Night


6 Feb 2022 Club is targeting the Northam Open.


26 Feb 2022 Club is targeting the York Open.

16th Feb 2022 Club Night

2nd Mar 2022 Club Night

13 Mar 2022 MtH Club Championships 


20 Mar 2022 Club is targeting the Peel End of Summer Carnival.


25 Mar 2022 Club is targeting the 2022 Swimming WA Junior Long Course Championships.


2 Jul 2022 Club is targeting the Albany Short Course Carnival.


19 Aug 2022 Club is targeting the 2022 Hancock Prospecting Short Course Championships.

3 Sep 2022 Club is targeting the 2022 Swimming WA Junior Short Course Championships.



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